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CIC Privacy Statement

The Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) complies with the UTS Governance strategy toward Privacy, as well as associated regulations and practices. See Privacy at UTS for more information. In addition to the regular data collection associated with the normal running of a UTS teaching and research unit, CIC engages in activities across the University that will from time to time mean:

  • The collection of additional data (eg student employment industry categories)
  • Accessing existing data and reusing for a purpose not originally intended with its collection (eg, Learning Management System (LMS) logins)
  • Combining more than one form of a data with another (eg LMS logins and grades)


Where the data is collected centrally by UTS, eg student enrolment information, CIC will access the data through the student datamart, following ethics approval and any other administrative approvals required. Where CIC is responsible for the data collection, standard regulations will be followed by the responsible researcher and under the guidance of the Centre Director in consultation with the Senior Manager.

Information being collected

When the data being collected relates to humans, the population under investigation will be made aware of why the project is being undertaken and the types of data that will be collected. The population will also be informed of how the information will be used. All CIC research projects, whether collecting data about humans or not, will be publicised on the CIC website, including details about who to contact for further information.


All CIC research projects will clearly state who will see the data relating to a project, as well as the intended outcomes (eg reports and research papers). Wherever necessary, data will be de-identified before being released to a researcher and all reasonable steps taken to ensure that data cannot be re-identified. Outputs that will be distributed to a wider audience will refer to pseudonyms when discussing individual results. Individual results that refer to a small or vulnerable population will not be disseminated.

Accessing Data

Individuals who know that CIC maintains data relating to them, such as students enrolled in CIC courses, may contact the centre at any time to update their personal data. It is likely that this will be data held centrally, in which case CIC staff will redirect the individual to the appropriate collection point.

Data Storage

Any data held by CIC will be stored and maintained within the policies and directives of UTS. Data collected and maintained by CIC staff will be held for the published or appropriate length of time under relevant legislation (eg research data management plans or NSW/Australian Government legislation).

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