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Welcome to AcaWriter!

This website provides automated feedback on academic writing. A lot of research into writing shows that many students find it tough to express their ideas in formal academic language, and wish they had better, quicker feedback.

AcaWriter works by looking for specific hallmarks of good academic writing that signal (to your audience, the reader) that there's a significant connection being made, or an important development or contrast in ideas. This helps to demonstrate your critical thinking, skill in argument, or development as a reflective professional.

AcaWriter is not grading your writing. Instead, it gives you feedback to improve your draft.

Just give it a go with a short piece of writing (your own, or perhaps an open access research abstract): we’re not saving any texts on this demo, so take a screenshot if you want a record of the output.

To install your own open source copy of AcaWriter you will need technical support from a web administrator. Open Source release

AcaWriter was created by the Academic Writing Analytics project, at the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre. Go there to learn about the ideas and tech behind the scenes, and what we're learning as we test it with staff and students. The software is now being shared and improved across universities in Australia and beyond, as part of the Higher Education Text Analytics open source project.